Samsung's divisive Serif design is the antidote to boring teleboxes

The new TV, from French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, is available right now. But does the simple shape appeal?

Samsung's strange new venture in TV-as-furniture is now available for order. The Samsung Serif TVs have been created by French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec as an antidote to the skinny sets we've become used to.

The Serif name stems from the profile of the new range of designer televisions, which looks like a capital 'I'. Well, it would do if this font was a bit more, y'know, Time New Roman-y…

We're looking forward to seeing LG's OLED response, the Comic Sans.

Each of the new Samsung Serif TV will be made to order, but it promises to deliver in at least three weeks if you decide to take the plunge on one of these striking sets.

There are three different TVs in the range, covering the three main panel resolutions. So, you can get a 40-inch UHD 4K option, a 1080p 32-inch version - both available in either white or dark blue finish - or a HD Ready (remember that?!) resolution in 24-inch white or red trim.

They're all available to order right now, for £1,199, £699 and £499 respectively.

We have to say we're kind of torn on the actual design itself, with responses in the office ranging from 'quite camp' to 'designed for pipe-smoking, ironic Tweed-wearers,' but you have to give it to Samsung for actually taking a chance on making something that looks different from the homogenous mass of TV tech that's currently doing the rounds.

Even if a fabric-covered back and integrated shelf are it's main selling points...