Samsung wireless AR and VR headset looks set to take on Apple

Oculus and Vive watch out, the big boys are coming to play

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung is reportedly working on a wireless VR and AR headset that could give the HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Go some real competition – not to mention Apple.

Apple was only just recently leaked as working on a stunning, eye-melting 8K AR and VR headset and now, of course, Samsung has been leaked as doing the same.

According to an in-house Samsung official that spoke to The Korean Times, Sammy is focusing on mixed reality as opposed to VR only.

While Samsung has released wireless VR headsets in the past, like the Gear VR, this required a phone to run. The new headset could have all the lenses, cameras, processors and batteries built-in. Yup, similar to the apparent trend-setting Oculus Go and HTC Vive Pro.

Apple’s headset is allegedly going to offer an 8K resolution display for each eye. Yup that’s a 16K resolution total. Mind boggling. This suggests that, despite being wireless, the Apple headset will require a nearby, and powerful, Mac to send the data over Wi-Fi.

Samsung, as a direct Apple competitor and the one with more experience in the field of VR, will surely being going for similar specs. These screen resolutions are mind boggling but since they are so small that might just be fiscally feasible. If anyone is going to crack those screens its the manufacturing specialist Samsung. So, who knows, we may even see this Samsung next-gen VR and AR headset first.

Samsung is rumoured to launch this new VR and AR headset at IFA 2018 which kicks off in September.

Luke Edwards

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