Samsung TV deal cuts 5-star rated 4K HDR TV price to £399!

Grab a brilliant 50-inch 4K HDR Samsung TV for a bargain price now in the AO Black Friday sale

Samsung AU9000 4K HDR TV with sign saying Hot Deal on burnt orange background
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We're always looking for the best TV deals available today at T3, and this Samsung 4K HDR TV discount in the Black Friday sales is superb.

That's because you can now bag the Samsung AU9000 4K HDR TV, a television that T3 gave a maximum score of 5 stars to on review, for just £399 thanks to a fantastic £130 price cut.

View the £399 Samsung 4K HDR TV deal now at AO

In our Samsung AU9000 review we said that the TV delivers "great picture performance", a "splendid smart TV interface" and a "gratifyingly slim frame". We then proceeded to give it a maximum score of 5 stars and concluded that "for most people, most of the time, this could be all the television they’ll ever need."

And it's really easy to see why our reviewer gave that verdict. You get Ultra HD and HDR support, including the more advanced HDR10+ format, which is now favoured by popular streaming services, and a great smart TV interface through which to access your content. The AU9000 is good for gaming too, thanks to a strong gaming mode that reduces latency.

Here are the full details of the deal:

Samsung AU9000 50-inch 4K HDR TV: £529, now £399 at AO

Samsung AU9000 50-inch 4K HDR TV: £529, now £399 at AO
The 5-star rated Samsung AU9000 4K HDR TV gets a really welcome price cut down to just £399. This is fantastic for a TV, one that T3 gave a maximum score of 5 stars to, that delivers great levels of sharpness and colour richness, and that comes with a top-tier smart TV platform, too. It's also got some nice low-latency tech for gamers built in as well. A lot of TV for little money.

We reviewed this TV in 2021, so you're shopping one year behind the most recent models, but as we've written about a number of times here at T3 that is a smart thing to do, as you get 95%+ of the functionality but for much less spend. And thanks to this great deal it really is much, much less.

The only thing we'd recommend if you do upgrade to this TV is that, like many televisions, the built-in audio isn't great, so if you like loud movies and games we'd recommend investing in one of the best soundbars on the market. A great one-two tech upgrade that will inject incredible entertainment capabilities into your home theatre setup.

To check out the very latest prices on this TV at other retailers, be sure to check out the below deals chart.

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