Samsung Galaxy S9 1,000 FPS slow motion camera details emerge

Get ready to see the world in a whole new way

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Samsung is gearing up for its big reveal of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagship smartphones at its 25 February event, but it’ll have very little new information to share at this rate of leaks. Now the slow motion camera has leaked with even more details beyond that 1,000 frames per second skill.

According to sources of SamMobile not only will the Samsung Galaxy S9 be able to offer super slow motion video but it will have multiple modes too. This should help make up for the lack of dual camera that leaks suggest will appear on the Galaxy S9+ model only.

The slow-mo camera will apparently have two modes, to start with at least. The first is the standard mode which involves the user tapping the shutter icon to begin recording and again to stop, so as to capture the moment in the timeframe laid out by the user. The second method is automated slow motion – the user taps the record icon to get started but the phone will only start recording in super slow-mo when it detects movement in front of the lens. 

At the moment any slow motion video captured usually requires a wait at the start for the action to kick off. That or you have to go in and edit the video length after recording to get the ideal action shot. This new automatic detection mode could potentially do away with those issues and leave the user with a perfect video clip of just the action in super, super 1,000 fps slow motion – or very near to that, but more on that below.

The camera allegedly allows the user to start a video in normal mode and then tap a slow-mo icon to activate a slow motion recording within that video. This can be done with up to 20 slow-mo moments, apparently.

While rumours are pointing towards that 1,000 fps slow-mo, Samsung is also rumoured to feature a new ISOCELL camera sensor which actually tops out at 960 fps and that’s when in 720p quality. For 1080p video the slow-mo should reach around 480 fps. Not as high as some leaks suggest but that’s still plenty slow compared to the competition’s offerings. And yes that’s the same as the Sony XZ Premium smartphone offers, although that only manages short bursts so perhaps this will improve on that by offering longer chunks.

We’ll have to wait until 25 February to find out for sure but until then check out everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ here.