Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rumoured display upgrade helps S Pen be even better

Stylish and good for your stylus

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Samsung users, answer me this? When was the last time you used the S-Pen? Samsung's stylus is a nifty bit of kit, but not necessarily something you would use every day. That might change however with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra features a gorgeous display, but unlike the standard S23 or S23 Plus, it's a curved one. That doesn't necessarily make it the easiest to write on with a pen. With talk that all phones in the S24 range will have the same flat display (but different sizes), the 6.8-inch screen of the S24 Ultra might be the natural home of the S-Pen, so fingers crossed the built-in holder from the S23 Ultra returns. 

So why would a flatscreen be better for the S-pen? Well, when was the last time you used a curved notebook?  If you're the type who likes to handwrite notes or doodle in meetings (no judgement) then it should be a much truer to-life experience. Renowned tipster Ice Universe has also teased that the display should have a faster response speed which would definitely improve the stylus experience. 

Of course, the expected display for the S24 Ultra is believed to be seriously improved. It's believed it will have a peak brightness of 2500 nits, and ultra-thin bezels to give you more space to work. 

Obviously, the likes of the Z Fold 5 will give you more screen real estate, and that book-style feel, but as far as traditional 'candybar' style phones go,  it could be the number one choice for stylus scribblers. 

The S24 Ultra is set to be one of the biggest releases of the year, and it sounds like a very promising phone that could also be a gaming great as well as an excellent handset. We'll bring you the latest as it happens at the Unpacked event today. 

Andy Sansom
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