Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users are about to get a massive camera upgrade

The update has already been released in Korea, and is expected in other locations shortly

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in green
(Image credit: Future / Mike Lowe)

When the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was unveiled a few weeks ago, many revelled over what was sure to be a superb camera. Packing a whopping 200MP main sensor on the back, the combination of Samsung's photography technology and raw hardware power looked sure to be a success.

Now, the camera system has been given a series of extra tweaks to improve performance and fix bugs. It's currently only available to users in Korea, but is expected to roll-out across the board soon – possibly as part of the April update.

So, what's new? Well, lots of things. Perhaps most notably, there's a change to the autofocus, which should allow for faster shot-snapping without waiting for the camera to catch focus. Image stabilisation also gets a boost, to make your video content even smoother.

Night photography also gets an update to improve noise in dark skies. That should improve the quality of low-light photos overall, taking full advantage of the impressive hardware on offer. There's also a boost for the ultrawide sensor in low-light scenarios, which should improve the sharpness of resulting images.

In terms of bug fixes, there are two main changes. Some users had reported seeing a green line on the left hand side of the screen when shooting, which should no longer be present. Others found that facial recognition was ineffective after ending a video-call on third-party apps. That should also be a thing of the past in the new update.

All-in-all, it's an impressive suite of upgrades which should make one of the best Android phones on the market even more powerful. There's nothing especially ground-breaking going on here, but that's really just a testament to how strong the S23 Ultra was out of the gate.

With no official confirmation of when it's coming to other locations, users should keep their eyes peeled for updates and check the changelog for confirmation. 

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