Samsung Galaxy S22 size comparison image has me reaching for my wallet

An image claiming to show the Galaxy S22's size has broken cover, and I'm loving what it shows

Samsung Galaxy S22
(Image credit: Samsung)

Mere days ago I reported on how the Samsung Galaxy S22 has been claimed to be "smaller, thinner and lighter than iPhone 13".

Exactly how small the S22 is set to be wasn't detailed in that leak, but the point was that if the phone is going to smaller than the iPhone 13, then that means it is going to be markedly smaller than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Now, though, a new size comparison chart has broken cover from a very reliable source that shows exactly how the S22 stacks up size-wise when compared to both the iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21.

The size comparison image was posted by serial Samsung phone leakster Ice universe on Twitter, the full details of which can be seen directly below.

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So, as you can see the Samsung Galaxy S22 is going to be markedly smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S21, which had a 6.2-inch screen, as well as squeaking in under the iPhone 13's dimensions, too (6.1-inch screen).

This means that, from what I can see, the Galaxy S22 will come rocking a 6 or 6.1-inch screen, as well as being thinner and lighter than the S21 overall.

And, I for one, am thrilled to see this shrinkage. Whether this has been caused by the introduction of the "mini" iPhones of recent years, such as the brand new iPhone 13 mini, or a consequence of wider industry shifts, this retreat from the pocket-breaking dimensions we've seen on smartphones over the past 5 years is well overdue in my mind.

That's because with bezels, camera and sensor installations shrinking the screen real-estate delivered by a 6-inch screen is more than enough for a quality, immersive everyday-usage smartphone experience, while also keeping the handset at a useable, pocket and bag friendly size.

When we finally get the introduction of under panel cameras (UPC), too, then that's going to accentuate this even more. Guess what, we don't need smartphones with massive screens to enjoy a top-tier smartphone experience, and I would prefer better screens installed on my future phones rather than endlessly bigger ones.

A 6-inch Samsung Galaxy S22 with a 120Hz refresh rate Super AMOLED HDR screen sounds ideal to me. So if Samsung can just deliver in terms of core hardware performance, camera system and charging, as it has been leaked to be doing, then I'll very much be reaching for my wallet come S22 launch day.

I'm also a bit of fan of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G, as I've written about. To see today's best deals on this fantastic folding phone check out the pricing chart below.

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