Samsung Galaxy S22 sees the return of an important S20 feature

More info emerges around the upcoming Galaxy S22 family

Galaxy S22
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Though we’re still several months away from the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, it hasn’t stopped speculation building ahead of the phone's official reveal, especially around the likelihood of the new flagship boasting a 50MP camera and a return to 45W charging.

Due in early 2022, the latest rumors hint at some interesting changes to the chipset, battery, and the main camera sensor – though we're still some time away before we can fully ascertain how accurate these details are. For now, though, it's exciting to revel in the speculation. 

Renowned Samsung tipster IceUniverse has dropped some hints as to what the Galaxy S22’s key specs might be – and they certainly look impressive. 45W fast charging is tipped to make a much-needed comeback, which should deliver significantly faster speeds than the 25W standard in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. This isn't really an upgrade, but it's good news for users who were yearning for a return to a more capable charging situation.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus could also both feature an ISOCELL GN5 sensor. GalaxyClub has previously commented on these rumors, noting that both devices would feature a whopping 50MP primary sensor. The ISOCELL GN5 offers 50MP resolution with 8K video recording support, 1.0μm pixel size, and allegedly offers improved performance in low light settings. All in all, it's a potent package.

And if the omni-directional autofocus feature wasn't enough, the Galaxy S22 series will also likely use the Exynos 2200 chipset, which should produce some hefty speeds alongside an AMD GPU. 

Samsung vs Apple

As the pieces of the puzzle begin to add up, we increasingly get the picture of a hyper-powerful Samsung flagship that will clearly be challenging the iPhone 13 to be one of the best phones of the next year or so.

Unfortunately, despite the official unveiling of the iPhone 13 at the Apple Event, we'll probably have to wait until early 2022 to get any official confirmation from Samsung. In the interim, you can check out our recommendations of the best Android phones to tide you over until we receive more news on the S22 series. Stay tuned.

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