Samsung Galaxy S20+ steals one of Google Pixel 4's best features

This Pixel 4 exclusive video calling feature is now available on the Samsung Galaxy S20+

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's Galaxy S20 range offers some top notch smartphones, extending from the base model, all the way up to the super premium Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The third model, the Galaxy S20+, sits between the two, but it's the first to get a must-have video calling feature that has previously been exclusive to just one other smartphone – the Google Pixel 4

Android Police discovered that Google Duo's auto-framing feature has just landed on the Galaxy S20+ with little fanfare. In fact, it flew under the radar completely, and even Google's support page has yet to be updated. At the moment it states:

"Auto-framing and portrait mode are currently only available on Pixel 4".

Max Weinbach demonstrated the feature in action on the Galaxy S20+, but right now, it's not present on the other two S20 smartphones.

Android Police reached out to Google to verify whether this feature is now officially supported by more smartphones, or if this was some kind of snafu. The tech giant confirmed that it was quite deliberate, and that auto-framing is coming to more Samsung devices in due course.

Whether support ends at the S20 range, or rolls out more widely to Samsung's other devices, like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip, or Galaxy Note 20 remains to be seen, but this bodes well, and we may even see it make it to other smartphone brands. 

It's a cool feature, and in the current climate, video-calling has become a fixture in most of our lives, so we're looking forward to it being available on more devices.    

Source: Android Police

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