Samsung Galaxy S10 to use smart CPU tech for a super-speed performance

Samsung set to layer the new generation of chipsets for ultimate performance

Samsung Galaxy S10
(Image credit: Jonas Daehnert)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has just leaked again and this time its the CPU powering the next-gen handset that has had its details shared.

New rumours coming out of Korea, via ETNews, suggest that Samsung has decided to use a stacked circuit board. To use the technological term, it's going to use the SLP PCB, or substrate layer. 

That means that Samsung will be able to layer up the CPU chips to cram in even more in a smaller space. That could mean more chips for more speed, or the same number built with more room for other components like that much rumoured ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader.

Of course the SLP PCB itself isn't new, Samsung used this is the S9 and Apple used it in its iPhones. What is new for Samsung is combining it with the latest 7nm chips it should have in the S10. While this technique will apparently be reserved for Exynos chips rather than the Qualcomm Snapdragon variants, it should help to set this apart from the competition in terms of speed and power consumption efficiency.

Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy S10 with a truly bezel free display early in 2019 with a 5G model and a foldable Galaxy X phone also on the radar for a similar release date.

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