Samsung Galaxy S10 5G PRICE CRASH: save £668 on the hottest 5G phone this Black Friday

Discover the speed and power of 5G networks on the cheap thanks to this great Vodafone Black Friday deal

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Black Friday
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At T3, we're all about the latest and greatest new technology, and when it comes to mobile, only two letters spring to mind: 5G. As the mobile industry's best Black Friday deals get underway, why not use the opportunity to jump onto one of the country's fast-growing 5G networks? 

Vodafone has unveiled a phenomenal Black Friday discount on the top-of-the-line Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, saving you a huge £668 when bought with Vodafone's Unlimited Max monthly package. Check out the deal in full below:  

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G with unlimited minutes, texts and data | from £48.00 per month with £29.00 upfront cost from Vodafone
Save a massive £668 on the total cost of the device plan with this great Black Friday deal. Not only do you get Samsung's excellent flagship phone with top-end specs, six cameras and a crystal-clear 6.7" display, but you also get access to Vodafone's emerging 5G network.View Deal

With all the benefits of its existing S10 flagship, Samsung has created something new, adding a plethora of other features such as an enormous AMOLED 6.7" display, a 3D depth-sensing camera and a huge 4,500mAh battery cell, in addition to 5G compatibility. 

Although it's big, it's a portable entertainment centre in your pocket, capable of next-level streaming – providing you've got access to a 5G network. As those networks roll out across the UK over the next couple of years, expect 5G handsets to become more and more common. With its great specs and top-quality camera, Samsung has completely future-proofed its Galaxy S10 5G handset according to a reliable source (i.e. our review)

Vodafone is expecting to roll out its 5G network to include almost all major cities in the UK, making this a must-buy for anyone looking to jump on the bandwagon.

You can see more of Vodafone's great deals, including a FREE pair of Apple AirPods with iPhone XS and iPhone 11 handsets, among others, by heading to Vodafone's Black Friday hub. These discounts won't be around for ever, though: in fact, they're only available until Tuesday, 3 December. Don't miss out!

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