Samsung 8K TV deal is a steal with £650 off!

Grab a rare 8K TV deal ahead of Black Friday sales, with the 65-inch QN900A at a cut of the price

Samsung QN900A 8K TV deal
(Image credit: Future / Samsung)

Having been scouring through the best TVs as part of a site refresh, I stumbled upon this Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV deal – and this is well before the Best Black Friday Deals are officially upon us (of which, however, I'm sure there'll be many come mid-November).

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So what's the deal? The 65-inch Samsung QN900A has £650 cut from its asking price. That's a significant chunk, bringing it down to a price level that's more in-line with the latest and greatest OLED TVs when they first launch. Not that this Samsung is OLED, it's the first generation of Mini LED to have launched, which means it's super bright.

Part of the reason for the price drop is because the QN900A is a 2021 release. The 2022 model, the QN900B, costs about £4,000 at the moment (gulp!), which puts in perspective how this 8K deal is a bit of a steal – as it's less than half price comparing generation on generation. 

Its age is no bother, though, as the QN900A was a straight-up 5-star review when it passed the T3 test bench. Indeed, it won a T3 Awards gong last year for Best TV, which is saying something. So now that its price is more in line with its best 4K TV comrades, I think it's worth a look if you've been considering splurging on a big and high-quality flagship telly for some time.

I know, £1,849 isn't budget for a TV purchase, but we're talking about an 8K TV here. This is future-proofed, next-gen stuff. So expect the brightest and best-looking picture quality you can image. Indeed, the 2022 equivalent model only really adjusted the dimming zones and  reflective qualities of the panel. 

Pop the Samsung QN900A in a dark room and it'll look like a shining star. Not only because it's so very bright thanks to Mini LED, but because it's a sublime-looking bit of kit anyway, with its bezel-free design and neat-and-tidy separate One Connect box keeping connections away from the main panel. 

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