Folding MacBook with OLED display expected alongside folding iPhone update

Apple's reported to be making a massive foldable Mac – and a folding iPad is still in development too

MacBook Pro M2 2022
(Image credit: Apple)

You know what you're getting with one of the best MacBooks: its basic design hasn't really changed since the PowerBook G4 back in 2001, with that big keyboard, big screen and ever-thinner bezels and casing. But apparently, Apple is really thinking different now, and it's working on a MacBook with a 20-inch foldable display.

That's according to electronics industry site The Elec, which reports that the MacBook will be using displays by a so far unknown South Korean supplier. Our money would be on Samsung, who know a thing or two about folding OLEDs.

Folding Macs and iPads yes, folding iPhones no

According to the report, this MacBook will be 20.25 inches when unfolded and a more portable 15.3 inches folded, putting it roughly in the middle between the largest iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. If as reported it's an OLED, don't expect it for several years: Apple hasn't yet migrated the iPad and MacBook lines to OLED, and it's unlikely to launch a folding OLED before that migration is complete.

The report also says that Apple is working on a foldable device designed to replace the iPad mini, folding out to a ten-inch size that's roughly the same size as the standard iPad. That's been rumoured previously, with a predicted release date of 2024 – but The Elec says that the rumours of a folding iPhone are incorrect, as such as device is highly unlikely.

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