Release date for foldable Samsung Galaxy X leaks

Samsung has just begun production phase for the next-generation of smartphones

Samsung Galaxy X concept
(Image credit: ConceptCreator)

Samsung is getting ready to release the world's first ever true foldable smartphone in its Samsung Galaxy X, and it looks set to arrive soon.

According to a report from Korean news outlet ETNews, Samsung has begun to enter final preparations for the production of foldable screen panels. Specifically it's going to be "mass-producing" these panels, claims the source. 

This early start supports the previous rumour that Samsung is eager to be the first smartphone manufacturer to launch the true foldable smartphone. As such it should appear as early as February 2019. 

The other interesting part of this story is that it's Samsung, a display manufacturer, who is going into mass production. This suggests Samsung could also be producing screens for other phone manufacturers. It already does this for current phone screens as a go-to OLED manufacturer.

Other phone brands rumoured to be working on foldable phones include Apple, LG, Huawei and Motorola. But if Samsung is aiming to be first, does that mean the product may not be as refined as the competition? According to the company's CEO we'll be getting a "finished product" at release. You'd hope so, wouldn't you?

The Samsung Galaxy X is expected to feature a 4.5-inch front screen and a foldable internal display of 7.3-inches. Other rumours suggest this may not fold in the middle but a third of the way up. At this point anything is possible but expect more solid facts to start leaking out soon now that the production phase has been reached.