Razer is working on a Nintendo Switch competitor — and it looks INCREDIBLE

This could be the Nintendo Switch killer we've all been waiting for

Razer Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Let'sGoDigital)

Razer is working on a portable gaming device that looks an awful lot like the Nintendo Switch. At least, that's according to a recent patent filing that highlights a machine with a huge touchscreen and two detachable control modules either side. These can slide both on and off, depending on whether the handheld is being used to tear up the competition in Fortnite: Battle Royale or watch a movie on Netflix.

Uncovered by Let'sGoDigital, the patent documentation describes the hardware as a "mobile device" with a detachable controller secured either side. We don't know the size of the main screen-and-computing module will be, sans controllers. However, the Razer looks a considerable amount larger than the Nintendo Switch — which has a modest 8.2-inch screen — so we assume it will measure in at around 10 inches.

(Image credit: Let'sGoDigital)

Unfortunately, there's no word when the mysterious Razer handheld device will hit the shelves, or what it will be called when it does. In fact, there's no guarantee that it will hit the shelves. Razer regularly files patents on the hardware it's exploring behind the scenes, and only a small fraction of them ever make their way to market. So think of this as a taste of what could be around the corner — not confirmation.

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