Razer just revealed its Nintendo Switch killer's release date – but there’s a catch

The Razer Edge 5G has been a long time coming, but now has a price and release date... for some, anyway!

Razer Edge 5G
(Image credit: Razer)

It was almost 14 months ago, back in November 2021, that I first saw a prototype of the Razer Edge handheld gaming console, the gaming company's prime alternative to the Steam Deck (or, if you think like me, the altogether different Nintendo Switch), which enables access to Xbox Game Pass, alongside Android gaming.

Now into 2023, Razer has used the CES show as the platform to reveal the price and release date of the Edge 5G – but there's a catch for some wannabe buyers. That's because the starting-at-$399.99 console (the 5G model is pricier), which goes on sale commencing 26 January 2023, isn't available everywhere. 

That January on-sale date is only for customers in the USA only. Live in the UK, Australia, Europe or elsewhere and it's no dice: you can't buy the Razer Edge at this stage. But that's not to say the Edge will never ever launch elsewhere. Based on Razer's response when quizzed, the company hasn't ruled out sales in wider territories, but it won't confirm anything is set in stone either. 

So, US folk, this is kind of great news in terms of availability: if you've been eyeing-up Razer's Steam Deck alternative then here's a very viable option indeed for those who want to play Xbox/PC games while on the go. 

Razer Edge 5G handheld gaming console

(Image credit: Razer)

I was able to use a pre-release Edge briefly back in December 2022 whilst at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit, where the 5G-capable model, which is running the Snapdragon G3x processor, was able to dig into the super-fast connectivity. Ideal for on-the-go gaming.

There are some real standout features too: the 6.8-inch AMOLED display is a 144Hz refresh rate, so it'll ensure games run nice and smooth, and as the product is effectively an smallish Android-style tablet it can be used handheld as such. 

Most will use it with the included Kishi V2 Pro controller attached, though, as you see in the main picture, which is what transforms the Edge into a much more console-like design overall. It's certainly the way that I'd want to game with all those Xbox Game Pass titles. 

That's really what seems massively appealing about the Razer Edge: out of the box it's widely compatible with various gaming sources. It's like the ultimate gaming phone, in a way, and pretty much a reason for Microsoft to never need make a handheld. 

It's just a shame not many people around the globe will be able to buy one when that 26 January on-sale date comes around. Please, Razer, I want an Edge so I can play on-the-go in the UK too. 

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