PS5 fans Russian roulette means you may have a NOISIER next-gen console than your friends

A new investigation may have uncovered the reason for those rogue noisy PS5 consoles

PS5 PlayStation 5
(Image credit: Sony)

After unveiling a massive heatsink and flexible fan profiles, it appeared that our PS4 fan noise woes would be silenced once and for all with PS5

However, a new teardown has revealed that two fan models are currently in circulation within the PS5, with one design noticeably louder than the other. To make matters more frustrating, there is no obvious method to ascertain which fan model is housed inside a system, besides opening one up for yourself. 

French outlet Les Numeriques (via ResetEra) inspected five PS5s for differing components concluding that three possessed the louder fan type. Upon comparing the models side-by-side, their disparities in blade density and length are only more pronounced. Noise emission tests in-game revealed a 4dB difference between the two — 39dB against 43dB. 

Therefore, disregarding any fan inconsistencies, the PS5 is undoubtedly far quieter than its predecessor. However, any audible difference in noise emission is cause for concern given the PS4 Pro suffered a similar fate with multiple fans offering varying degrees of efficiency. 

Another intriguing discovery is that the fan shown in the official teardown video resembles neither model. Whilst it’s unknown if this model was exclusively used for prototypes or early units, there is every chance that there are three distinct components hiding inside systems. However, there is obviously no way to judge if this third model would even be quieter at all without any hands-on. 

The report further clarifies that Sony is within its legal right to use multiple variants of components - in fact it is quite a common practice. The frustration arises from the unpredictable performance differences between the models; an issue that partially undoes the initial promise of near-silence during gameplay.

This isn’t the first noise-related concern to hit the PS5. Coil whine has also affected a number of systems creating an unpleasant buzzing sound. This is commonly attributed to audible vibrations passing through either the graphics card or power brick. One source in the PS5's case was unexpectedly found to be a loose label. 

Regardless of fan type, the PS5 is still heavily in-demand. If you fancy one for yourself, make sure to check our where to buy PS5 guide to make sure you don’t miss out.

Source: Les Numeriques via ResetEra