PS5 SSD deal cuts 1TB model to cheapest ever price

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addlink PS5 SSD
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With amazing PS5 titles dropping now every month, investing in a great PS5 SSD is a really smart move, as it will let you store more games on your console and load them quicker, too.

And, for those PS5 gamers looking for an SSD upgrade, right now the addlink A95 SSD has dropped to its cheapest ever price at Amazon, with £72 cut off its cost.

View the addlink A95 PS5 SSD deal at Amazon

This drive delivers 1TB of extra storage to slot into a PS5, and as it comes with a heatsink pre-installed, it is literally plug-and-play. Slot the A95 into a PS5's storage expansion port and the extra storage is unlocked instantly.

Here are the full details of the deal:

addlink A95 PS5 SSD 1TB with heatsink: £199.99

addlink A95 PS5 SSD 1TB with heatsink: £199.99 £127.99 at Amazon

SAVE £72 – Upgrade your PS5 console with large amounts of extra storage space instantly with this rapid storage drive from addlink. This SSD offers faster speeds than the PS5's own internal storage and will let you store approximately 20-30 extra AAA games on your console at any one time, as well as gameplay recordings, images and media files.

Installing an SSD into a PS5 couldn't be easier, and T3 has even gone and produced a step-by-step PS5 SSD video installation guide that walks you through the process. If you've got a single cross-head screwdriver then you're set.

In terms of extra PS5 storage, there are four main sizes of drive to consider, including 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. Here at T3 we consider the 1TB drive to be the sweet spot for most gamers, ringing in at an affordable price point but offering serious amounts of extra space.

That's why we feel this A95 deal is well worth considering. It offers 1TB of storage with a pre-installed heatsink (a necessity for a drive to work in a PS5) for, as officially confirmed on the independent price tracking tool camelcamelcamel, the cheapest price it has ever been.

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