PS5 restock at GAME is LIVE! Follow these tips to bag a console

The great PS5 restock continues and UK retailer GAME has shared tips for customers who don't want to miss out

Playstation 5
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Sony is ramping up its PS5 restocks, with this month set for two huge shipments; the first has been kicking off this week, and the second is set for the last week of March. A number of UK retailers have been pegged for a massive PS5 restock this week, and GAME is one of them. 

We've already seen a few tips as to how best get through the checkout process as quickly as possible on each website, but GAME has dropped further details on how to secure a PS5, touching on the new system it's using to make sure everyone gets a fair chance at buying one. 

PS5 stock tracking account, PS5StockAlertUK has shared that any eager gamers trying to skip the queue when trying to get their hands on a PS5 are just shooting themselves in the foot. GAME has rolled out new measures that include cancelling orders if they're "obtained via skipping the GAME queue," so if you've been banking on that method, we suggest you rethink it. 

GAME will also be cancelling orders is a PS5 has previously been ordered using the same card details, same GAME account, or the same address. It explains:

"This is all to ensure that those who haven't managed to get a console yet have the best possible chance of securing one."

Gamers looking to bag a PS5 at GAME today have been advised to checkout as a guest. Both the PS5 standard edition, PS5 Digital Edition , and PS5 bundles are now live.

The PS5 isn't region locked, so if you can manage to sort out getting it delivered to wherever in the world you are, it's worth keeping an eye on all regional drops with out PS5 stock tracker.  

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