Not just PS5! Sony’s OLED TVs now have a new secret weapon from Apple

Sony TVs in for a welcome upgrade as Apple TV app rolls out to select models

Apple TV
(Image credit: Apple)

Access to the Apple TV app is getting better all the time. Already included in some of the best media streamers, including the Amazon Fire Stick and Roku Streaming Stick, and accessible through some smart TV brands like LG in the last few years, Apple TV is now arriving on Sony televisions.

A selection of Sony TVs (including all Android TV released in 2020, most 2019 models, and Sony’s high-end 2018 models) will be given access to the Apple TV app as part of a firmware update. Firmware version 6.4960 has already started rolling out across Europe and is coming soon to the US, so many users should be able to jump in right away.

The Apple TV app gives users access to the Apple TV+ subscription service, a competitor to Netflix with a host of original television shows including Mythic Quest, Defending Jacob, and The Morning Show, as well as a huge collection of 4K HDR movies. You can also stream your iTunes library through the app.

Those with a requisite Sony TV can now access these services provided they have an Apple TV+ subscription, with no need for additional devices or dongles to plug into their TV. Without these, users would previously have had to use Apple’s AirPlay 2 service to mirror the content playing on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac onto their television.

The Apple TV app also had a role in the recent launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. For a while, it looked like the PS5 might have the upper hand in terms of 4K streaming as Microsoft made no mention of whether the Apple TV app would be among those streaming apps available on its console. Since launch, it’s been clear that the Apple TV app is available on both consoles, giving fans of both even more ways to stream movies and shows in their living rooms.

Of course, you don’t need a TV or console capable of running the Apple TV app to get in on the action. You can also purchase a standalone Apple TV device to access your Apple TV+ subscription. 

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Source: TechRadar