PS5 gamers should check out the new PlayStation Daija Arcade Stick

Nacon's new PS5 arcade stick looks S-rank

PS5 Nacon Arcade Stick PlayStation
(Image credit: Nacon)

For PS5 gamers eagerly awaiting the launch of Street Fighter 6, then the full unveiling of Nacon's new Daija Arcade Stick PlayStation is likely going to be very welcome.

The PS5 Daija Arcade Stick is officially licensed by Sony and comes with a series of hardware and features that would make any versus fighter fan's dream wishlist.

The joystick and buttons of the Daija Arcade Stick PlayStation are made by elite arcade component maker SANWA, while also being fully compatible with top rival Seimitsu parts, too.

On top of these core S-rank components, the Daija also delivers three faceplate designs with a removable faceplate so custom art can be installed (gamers can download a template from the Nacon website), two stick types (ball top and bat top), a tool kit for making modifications, and a 3-meter detachable USB-C cable.

PS5 Nacon Daija Arcade Stick PlayStation

(Image credit: Nacon)

This new version of the Daija also includes a series of evolutionary improvements, which have been instrumented after feedback by professional versus fighter gamer Kayane. These new features include button placement tweaks, a new side button locking system, a new profile selection option, a redesigned arcade stick cover for better stability, and a new textured palm rest among others.

Speaking on the launch of the Daija, as well as Kayane's involvement in its development, Nacon's Yannick Allaert said:

"Having the chance to continue collaborating with Kayane for these new Arcade Sticks is a real asset for Nacon. She is an amazing player who truly understands what gamers expect in the fighting game genre. Her expertise and insightful feedback helped us to develop a very high-quality product together, which will ultimately improve the gaming experience."

In terms of availability and pricing, the Daija Arcade Stick PlayStation is available now at the official Nacon store and retails for €279.90.

PS5 Nacon Daija Arcade Stick PlayStation

(Image credit: Nacon)

The T3 take: a superb PS5 arcade stick upgrade

There's no doubt that, at least on paper, the Nacon Daija Arcade Stick PlayStation is a top-class PS5 peripheral.

SANWA is the world's foremost arcade part manufacturer, so the fact that the product's stick and micro-switched buttons are made by the brand instills a lot of confidence. It's evident the core functionality of the stick will be good.

However, just slapping SANWA or Seimitsu parts in a case doesn't a top-tier arcade stick make, so it's great to see that there's been great attention to detail paid by Nacon by consulting pro-gamer Kayane, who has clearly tweaked the original Daija to make sure it performs optimally in the real world.

The price reflects this – it's high no doubt, but premium components and first-class development by one of the world's best PS5 accessory makers mean it doesn't feel out of kilter. This looks like an elite-tier arcade stick for PlayStation 5 gamers that not only offers superb out-of-the-box credentials, but a moddable platform for the gamer to customize their controller in the future.

We could very well be looking at the new best PS5 arcade stick in the world.

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