PS5 gamers just got a great free new game demo

PS5 gamers can play this eastern inspired swords and sorcery thriller from Team Ninja right now

PS5 game running on TV next to PlayStation 5 console
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Great news for PS5 gamers comes courtesy of Team Ninja, who has just unlocked the demo to its latest game on the PlayStation 5 store today.

The demo, as officially confirmed on the PlayStation Blog, is available to download now for free, and lets PS5 gamers play a lengthy demo of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Team Ninja, the game masters behind Ninja Gaiden and Nioh, describe Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as its latest "demon-infested masocore thriller", and the free demo now available lets PlayStation 5 owners play the game and also earn unlockable gear to use in the full game.

PS5 game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

(Image credit: Team Ninja)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's setting is a dark fantasy Three Kingdoms era world where the gamer gets to play a militia soldier who has to face off against humans and daemons using swordplay based on Chinese martial arts.

By playing the free PS5 demo gamers can earn the 'Crouching Dragon Helmet', which is a special piece of gear that can be used in the full version of Wo Long.

In addition to swordplay, gamers also have access to special abilities and feats, ranging from dual-wielding weapons to casting Wizardry Spells.

The T3 take: free fun from a combat master

Anyone who has played a Team Ninja game will know what they're in for. The studio makes some of the most rewarding but challenging games on the market today. And Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty looks like a stylish continuation of that.

Key to winning in Team Ninja games are good planning and then considered, skilful gameplay execution, making use of the game's in-game mechanics optimally to defeat your foes.

Button mash in Team Ninja games, or fly into fights unprepared and you'll be dead in seconds. Practice and master the game, though, and soon you'll be moving and fighting like a badass, and that's super satisfying.

And, with the PS5 demo unlocking today and staying available until Sunday, 25 September to complete, now truly is the perfect time to get sharpening that blade and honing fighting skills.

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