PS5 finally gets an essential feature Xbox owners have enjoyed for years

No more update agony

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If, like me, you've got one of the best PS5 SSDs and have plenty of games to choose from, you'll likely have encountered a similar problem. When booting up a title you haven't played in a while, there will be a host of lengthy updates required to play online. 

That's because until now it has been impossible to check for updates on games in your library, only the 10 most recently played titles on your home screen. Whenever I get the urge to revisit a title from a few months ago, or an invite to play something like Apex Legends with a friend, I boot up the game, excited, only to be stopped in my tracks with several hours of downloads to do. 

While you can play offline without the latest version of the game, everyone wants to play the best version possible. Having gone from base Cyberpunk 2077 for instance to the new 2.0 update, I could never go back. Worst of all, however, any online multiplayer is strictly off-limits if you're not running the latest build. It can feel like being punished for having a diverse taste in games.

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Thanks to the latest update, however, you will finally (after three years of woe) be able to check for updates on games in your library. Much like the same process with games on your home screen, simply press the options button on the title and then select "check for update".

It's not a particularly sexy change, but being able to actually play your favourite titles when you want is a pretty nice thing to have, particularly when receiving invites to play with friends. Some might consider that Sony should add an "update all" button but with half the games in my library long untouched (and never going to be played again) I think the weight of incoming updates would short-circuit every house in the neighbourhood. Besides, at the moment, I'm struggling to play anything other than Spiderman 2.

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