Protect your sperm with these Wi-Fi busting underpants

Like a faraday cage for your testes

A new range of underwear from Wireless Armour aims to protect male fertility from the evils of Wi-Fi.

Male fertility has declined in recent years and this has been attributed to the exposure of electromagnetic radiation emitted by Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones and laptops.

This is backed up by a study conducted by the University of Exeter in 2014, and whilst the findings are not 100% conclusive it does show a strong correlation between EMR exposure and lower sperm health.

The high-tech pants shield your balls from this radiation using a mesh of pure silver woven into the fabric of the undergarments. This mesh shields against 99.9 percent of the radiation.

“Like so many people, my smartphone and laptop use has increased dramatically in recent years which made me realise that I was exposing myself to large amounts of electromagnetic radiation, mostly centred on my groin” says Wireless Armour inventor, Joseph Perkins.

“With my Physics background I knew there must be a way to shield from electromagnetic radiation using a simple solution. Wireless Armour has been tested by an industry leader in wireless shielding and the results show that our fabric shields against 99.9% of the radiation emitted between 100MHz to 2.6GHz. Put simply, this covers the entire range of radiation emitted by wireless devices, from voice and text through to 4G and Wi-Fi, almost everything is blocked.”

If you've constantly got a laptop burning a hole on your lap, and you're worried about future fertility issues you can buy Wireless Armour pants here, with prices ranging between £24 - £35.

Spencer Hart
Style and Travel Editor

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