These 3 amazing Bourbons are my picks in the Prime Day deals

Three whiskey favourites that will save you a bundle

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The annual Prime Day deals are great for tech products, especially Amazon's own devices, and appliances - with massive bargains to be had. However, I always gravitate towards a different section of the site during the period, as there are also some amazing offers on spirits.

In fact, thanks to Prime Day and Black Friday, I have a stocked drinks cabinet full of whiskies from both sides of the Atlantic, gin and a few other alcoholic oddities I might otherwise have never tried.

So, here are my picks of the three bourbon whiskies to check out. Just make sure you leave one bottle for me.

Heavens Door Tennessee Straight Bourbon:  was £75

Heavens Door Tennessee Straight Bourbon: was £75, now £54.39 at Amazon
Crafted in association with Bob Dylan, Heavens Door can usually be found sitting at the £75 price point (or more) so this is a great limited time deal. It has a sweet, yet mildly smoky taste with notes of vanilla and freshly baked bread.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select:  was £47

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select: was £47, now £34.99 at Amazon
A real step up from the common bottle of Jack Daniel's, this single barrel select edition offers a smooth experience, with vanilla notes and a peppery, refined finish.

Maker's Mark 46:  was £49.00

Maker's Mark 46: was £49.00, now £34.99 at Amazon
Another trade-up bourbon from a familiar brand, this has the Marker's Mark taste signature of caramel and vanilla, but with a smoother finish than usual. It's my favourite to use for an Old Fashioned.

Each of the above are top-notch tipples which I've tried myself and thoroughly recommend.

Heavens Door, for example, is a favourite for myself, plus family and friends. There is a rye from the same brand and a double barrel edition that's worth a shout, too.

Remember though, you need to be a Prime member to take advantage of any of the Prime Day deals, but I've found it to be well worth it - not least because you can take out a 30-day trial if you're a new subscriber.

I and my drinks cabinet have benefitted greatly over the years.

Rik Henderson
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