Poll: Apple could be back on top form if the latest WWDC swag is anything to go by. Would you wear it?

A custom Apple x Levis jacket? Yes please!

It's no secret Apple have made some, shall we say, questionable, design decisions recently, from the charging port on the bottom of the Magic Mouse 2, to the official iPhone charging case, and the lightning port on the Pencil.

But we've just seen something which has us pretty excited. And that is WWDC swag.

You see, at developer conferences, big manufacturers like Apple and Google like to give the attendees a little present, as a thank you for coming. Like a goody bag at a 5-year old's birthday party.

You see, previous years, Apple would give out something like this:

Credit: eBay user deaddevices

Hideous, right? Not even David Gandy could make that look sexy.

But this year, Apple is giving out this stylish Levis Trucker jacket, complete with WWDC logo.

Credit: Twitter user @jessiechar

They're even doing women's sizes!

We think it looks great, even the WWDC addition isn't too horrendous, and really has us excited about what Apple has up its sleeve. I mean, if they can now design attractive swag, what next? An attractive iPhone battery pack? Who knows!

The question is...

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