Polar’s A300 is a colourful, affordable fitness watch

We first saw it at CES, but the A300 is now available to buy

We're big fans of Polar's series of fitness watches, but they've always been just out of reach for those didn't who didn't want to lay down some big-bucks. Thankfully, the A300 changes that.

The latest sports wearable from the company sits firmly at the low-end of the market, but that isn't a bad thing. It still packs an impressive spec list, utilises the same app that we've grown to love and comes in a variety of vivid hues.

It also costs just £99.50, putting it firmly into fitness band territory. But unlike the majority of bands it has a screen for displaying updates on both your daily movement and the time. It is a watch, after all.

It boasts many of the same features we'd expect to see on a wearable like this - it's full of sensors that'll track your daily activity, keep an eye on your slumber and buzz your wrist if you've spent too long sitting on your backside.

If you want to add to the feature list further, you can pair the watch with Polar's A7 heart rate sensor (they're sold together for £129.50) for even more accurate calorie burn results.

Another great addition to Polar's gear is its Flow web service and app. This is where all data from the watch will be beamed, so you can peruse it further. Unlike some other services, Polar's app actually tells you how to deal with all the data it receives so it doesn't just become a random mix of facts and figures.

You've got three basic colours to choose from - black, white and pink, but additional wristbands (these cost £19.50 each) can add a bit of extra flair. The overall design doesn't stray that far from other Polar watches, so you'll definitely know it's a fitness wearable rather than a regular watch.

We've used plenty of Polar products in the past and found them to be some of most accurate around, here's hoping the A300 impresses us just as much. They're on sale now from Polar's website.

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