Latest Google Pixel Watch leak gives me hope it'll be the Apple Watch rival we've been waiting for

Google Pixel Watch will get a range of straps to rival the Apple Watch

Google Pixel Watch
(Image credit: Google)

The Google Pixel Watch was officially shown off last month at Google IO, but Google only chose to share a few select details. Since then, more and more information about the Pixel Watch has leaked, including details about the battery, processor and RAM. It's the latest leak that has me the most excited though.

The latest details suggest that at least seven different types of watch band will be available for the Pixel Watch.

This news comes from 9to5Google, which received information about the possible accessories.

9to5Google states that the range of bands includes an equivalent to the Apple Watch's Milanese Loop, silicone band, stainless steel link, leather options, and more affordable fabric brands.

This has me very excited, as without doubt one of the best things about the Apple Watch is the amount of customisation and personalisation that Apple allows. It turns something that can be quite techy into a fashion item.

If Google markets the Pixel Watch in the same way – as a fashion accessory rather than a typical smartwatch – then it could be the first true alternative to the Apple Watch for Android users. Especially if the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 never appealed to you.

Looking at the list of straps that could be available for the Pixel Watch, it seems that Google has covered a number of use cases.

For example, it's likely that the Milanese Loop and Stainless Steel Link will be the most premium options. Ideal if you're trying to achieve a high-end look similar to a traditional mechanical watch.

The leather options will be similarly stylish, just slightly more affordable. Leather watch bands are more relaxed and comfortable than steel options – they're perfect for work.

Of course, you've got the fabric and silicon straps as well. These will likely be the most affordable options and are perfect for exercise. They're also lightweight and supremely comfortable. 

It's possible that Google could even be working on different colour options for each strap as well, creating a huge number of variations.

Now, it's important to note – 9to5Google states that Google is developing these bands, but some of them might not make it to market. I really do hope that Google offers as many options as possible, though. What do you think? Let us know of Facebook and Twitter.

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