Pentax K-30 weather-resistant and dustproof DSLR unveiled

Pentax have unveiled their ultimate everyday DSLR

Boasting some lifeproofing skills the K-30 from Pentax is designed to be the everyday SLR for enthusiasts and professionals alike

Pentax have unveiled the Pentax K-30, their latest mid-range DSLR which boasts a wallet friendly pricetag but some seriously premium features including weather-resistance and dustproofing.

With a 16-Megapixel sensor under the hood and shake-reduction technology the Pentax has got the grunt needed to take seriously high-quality snaps. To aid with getting the perfect shot there's also a glass-prism finder giving you the truest view of what you're about to capture.

Pentax have equipped the K-30 with some seriously sturdy credentials as well including a completely weather-resistant coating, dustproof-coating and a body that can cope with the coldest of weather conditions.

Features include high-speed shooting of six images a second and the ability to shoot full 1080p HD video, finally the body has been shrunk to make it more portable while still offering sturdy rubber grips.

Coming out at the end of June the Pentax K-30 will be available for £599 body only.