New Peloton rental scheme could save you a bundle (and your waistline)

Rent your Bike+ instead of buying it outright to save money

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Peloton has brought its rental option to the UK. You can now get a Peloton Bike+ with membership included for £99 per month.

The company even offers the ability to cancel at any time.

Peloton has introduced a new way to get its equipment into your home, by introducing a rental scheme in the UK.

Already available in the US, the rental option is now available to Brits too, and allows you to get a Peloton Bike+, full membership (which includes app access) and even a pair of Peloton cycling shoes for one monthly fee.

You can still pay outright for the Bike+ and pay for membership separately, which costs £1,995 upfront and then £39 per month, but the new scheme costs £99 per month all-in. You just don't ever technically own the Bike.

There is an added cost with Bike+ rental, of £200 upfront as a "joining fee", but considering the included shoes normally cost £120, that's not too bad as it also includes setup and installation.

Peloton is offering rentals through its UK website and the included cycling shoes come with the requisite cleats needed to attach to the pedals.

The other benefit to renting is that you can cancel at any time and the company will collect the equipment. You can rent for a year, say, and then when you've hit a perfect fitness target you can always cancel.

However, in my experience, once you've got the Peloton bug, you will be compelled to keep going. It's a fun and interesting way to keep fit beyond any personal targets, especially if you work from home a lot.

Peloton has also been expanding its Bikes, Tread and Row machines with new upgrades and features in recent times, as well as the Peloton App for iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and other streaming devices.

It has added compatibility with third-party connected exercise kit, and has introduced a new way to find and interact with friends when working out.

Peloton rentals are also available in the US, with the Bike+ option costing $119 per month. You can find out more on the Stateside version of the Peloton website.

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