Panda bedding: luxuriously soft, sustainable, and (literally) cool this is not like any other bedding you’ve tried before

It’s made using bamboo, the material of the 21st century

Panda bedding, made from bamboo

Today, there’s a massive growth in interest in better sleep, driven by the new wave of ‘bed in a box’ mattresses and technology for tracking zzzz’s. New, disruptive bedding brands have sprung up alongside this and foremost among these is Panda. To take your sleep into the future, Panda bedding uses a surprising, environmentally-friendly fabric with numerous benefits. 

And as you might have guessed from its name, that fabric is derived from bamboo.

Panda is in fact the UK’s leading brand when it comes to bamboo textiles and has led the trend of using the wood in high quality fabrics.

Just to get one obvious, possible preconception out of the way: sheets, pillow-cases and duvets made from fabric derived from bamboo fibres do not feel tough and woody. It actually takes on a very soft, luxe feel, comparable to high quality cotton. 

However, the unique characteristics of bamboo give it a number of important advantages. That’s why Panda says it’s the Fabric of the 21st Century, and perfect for 40 winks.

The benefits of bamboo

Panda sheets in Pure White and Urban Grey

• Helps you sleep better

Bamboo fabrics are not only wonderfully soft, they are also highly breathable and offer remarkable ‘climate control’ properties. Modern memory foam-based mattresses tend to use cooling layers to increase airflow in summer – memory foam keeps you warmer in winter – but bamboo fabrics help to regulate your temperature all year around, in all weathers. 

With the summer months upon us, touch wood, the cooling properties of bamboo really come into their own. When winter inevitably returns, remarkably, bamboo helps keep you warm as well. How? Science. 

• Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic

The talents of bamboo don’t end there. Bamboo fibres are also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Good news for allergy sufferers, families and anyone who prefers not to get ill. That’s 100% of people, we estimate.

• Easy to care for

Bamboo can be machine washed over and over again, coming up sparkling every time even at lower temperatures. The fabrics also become softer after every wash.

 Eco friendly

Panda bedding is so eco-conscious, even the buttons are sustainable

Anyone who’s grown bamboo in a garden will know that it is by no means difficult. Bamboo is essentially a benign, hardy weed that can grow to great heights, very quickly, without the need for pesticides or fertiliser. It is massively sustainable. 

It’s not only the bamboo that is eco-friendly, Panda considers the environment with every decision it makes, from the materials used in manufacturing and packaging, to its printing and delivery partners.

To complete the eco-conscious picture, even the duvet cover buttons are made from bamboo, so the Panda bedding line is entirely plastic free.  

• Classic style and free delivery

Although the fabric used may be modern and high-tech, Panda’s designs are timeless and smart. Sizes are from single to super king and there are elegant colour options – and Urban Grey – as well as classic, Pure White and introducing new colours every season. Next-day UK delivery is included in the price.

• Shop Panda bedding now and find out more about the beauty of bamboo

• Investigate the full range of Panda products and bedtime bundles

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