Oura Smart Ring adds Pregnancy Insights, a game-changer for expectant mothers

With the new feature, Oura users will be able to track changes in their body throughout their pregnancy

Oura launches Pregnancy Insights feature
(Image credit: Oura)

In a world where smart rings are getting smarter by the day, Oura takes the lead with its groundbreaking Pregnancy Insights feature, set to revolutionise women's health monitoring in 2024.

With big-ticket launches just over the horizon, including the Samsung Galaxy Ring and the rumoured Apple Smart Ring, the brand seems to be doubling down on new features to strengthen the company's market leader position.

Part of an exciting women's health roadmap, Pregnancy Insights on the Oura Ring offers expectant mothers a comprehensive view of their pregnancy journey like never before. 

Debuting today, March 12 2024, the new smart ring feature provides pregnant Oura members with information on gestational age, weekly pregnancy insights, and educational resources to understand sleep patterns and vital signs throughout pregnancy.

Oura launches Pregnancy Insights feature

(Image credit: Oura)

The brand says its science team has leveraged aggregate and de-identified member data to understand how pregnant women's biometric markers change throughout their journey.

This information, kept confidentially to protect member privacy, has been utilised to offer personalised insights and educational resources tailored to the unique needs of expectant mothers.

This milestone follows Oura's recent expansion onto Amazon US, making the Oura Ring more accessible than ever before. With Pregnancy Insights, Oura reaffirms its commitment to promoting body literacy and empowering women to monitor their health throughout all stages of life.

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