OMORC Water Timer vs Bosch GardenPump 18: two top garden watering systems compared

We compare the excellent OMORC Water Timer and Bosch GardenPump 18 garden watering systems

OMORC Water Timer vs Bosch GardenPump 18
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After what feels like a very long time, the sun is now finally out and what better way to celebrate than by researching the best garden watering system, the perfect tool for keeping your grass green and plants fed. Today, we're comparing the OMORC Water Timer and Bosch GardenPump 18 to find the winner. 

These two devices offer pretty different (and perhaps even complimentary) things, but most of all they give you an easy way to monitor the water levels of your garden to make sure that nothing gets too dry, especially while you're away this summer.

To accompany the best garden watering system, we've created a few other handy guys, including the best lawn sprinkler, the best hose, and the best cordless lawn mowers. Each guide contains excellent deals to make sure you bag a bargain. 

So, without further ado, let's jump into our comparison between the OMORC Water Timer and Bosch GardenPump 18.

OMORC water timer

(Image credit: OMORC)

OMORC Water Timer vs Bosch GardenPump 18: features

Luckily for anyone choosing between these two excellent garden tools, they offer quite different things. We'll start with the more complex of the two. 

Bosch has made a huge name for itself making the best tools, whether for building sites or your garden and home, and with good reason. The German brand makes high-quality, long-lasting tools and the Bosch GardenPump 18 is no exception. 

The GardenPump 18 is ideal for anyone who has a water butt on their land. Attach it to a nearby wall, install the Bosch-made power unit, and plug into the top of your watering butt and you'll instantly have access to a powerful stream of water, completely removing the need for messy (and heavy) watering cans. 

It's one of the best garden watering ideas we've seen in a long time and it genuinely does work, creating impressive amounts of water pressure with no hassle. It even works with hoses up to 25 meters. 

Turning now to the OMORC Automatic Water Timer, we have a slightly different offering: a smart water timer, with a 3-inch LCD display, that plugs into your hose and/or sprinkler system and offers tonnes of setting to control timings, how long the water runs, how often, and more. It's a neat bit of kit. 

Bosch GardenPump 18

(Image credit: Bosch)

OMORC Water Timer vs Bosch GardenPump 18: design and use

As you might have noticed, these two devices have very different designs and uses. In many ways, they actually complement each other. But that's not the spirit of a good old fashioned product verses. 

Starting again with the Bosch, we were incredibly impressed when using the GardenPump 18: It's a fantastic idea executed well, adding a new watering dimension to your garden from something you almost certainly already have. The device is simple to use, doesn't require any maintenance, and always pumped water with gusto. 

Similarly, the OMORC is excellent, offering a great way to control routine garden watering through a pump or sprinkler system that goes beyond simply offering a spring-loaded timer, as so many other devices do. 

We don't really have any complaints with either device. 


(Image credit: OMORC)

OMORC Water Timer vs Bosch GardenPump 18: verdict

Overall, we think the Bosch GardenPump 18 offers the most genuinely exciting and new addition to your garden, completely eradicating the need for heavy and cumbersome watering cans in one fell swoop. While the device can be quite pricey, we ultimately think it's worth it. 

The OMORC, too, offers something really neat, an easy way to control and monitor watering sessions without having to actually be there, and often doesn't cost much at all, either, so we highly recommend it with a good deal. 

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