Older Peloton Bikes will soon be switched off unless you upgrade

First-gen Pelotons will soon lose access to classes

Peloton Bike
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Peloton will end all support for its oldest exercise bikes next year, with plans to switch off services for devices with a First Generation v1 Bike tablet from June 2024.

This will affect Peloton Bike models manufactured up to September 2016, so if you bought your Bike in the years preceding 2017, you might have to upgrade.

Software updates for the display, which is also known as the Quartz tablet, were already stopped, but Peloton content will also cease on 19 June. It will impact First Generation v1 Bike tablets with serial numbers starting 7201, 015, 014 or 0B0.

As detailed by Pelobuddy, you can check the serial number by either looking on the back of the display, where you should find a sticker, or through the Device Settings in the menu system. The serial number will be in About Tablet > Status.

Peloton explained that, because of the original technology's age, it could no longer serve the complete user experience, which has forced its hand: "These tablets were sold only on our original Bikes between 2013 and 2016," it wrote in an FAQ on its support page.

"The technology is now 10 years old and we are no longer able to provide a full user experience due to system constraints and limitations."

To help users upgrade, the fitness firm is offering a major discount on an upgrade. Those affected can swap their old Bike model with the latest Bike+ with $500 off the price.

Alternatively, you can purchase a new tablet on its own that will be compatible with the Bike, and that will be discounted by $50. That would mean a replacement will cost around $325.

The final option is to retain the existing tablet as it will still be possible to access Just Ride content. Classes and other features (such as leaderboard) will not be available, but the Bike won't be bricked.

The issue is also unlikely to affect anyone outside of the US as a wider rollout didn't occur until the first-gen Bike was replaced. For example, Peloton only started selling its Bike in the UK in September 2018.

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