Not one but three Pixar movies will hit cinemas in early 2024

Second chance cinema

Disney Plus Day
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Imagine working painstakingly for years on a movie only for a freak global event (hi 2020) to close cinemas worldwide. If you were one of the creators of such a movie it would be such a crushing feeling to miss out on your big screen dreams. Well, thankfully 3 of Pixar's movies on Disney+ will be getting the cinema treatment next year. 

That's right, Soul, Luca and Turning Red will be given a cinematic second chance next year. Although only confirmed for US cinemas so far, UK audiences are expected to get the same opportunity. They will be released one at a time early next year with Soul arriving first in January, Turning Red in February and Luca in March. 

With the 2023 Hollywood strikes heavily impacting film output, this is a unique opportunity to give some of Pixar's lower-profile gems the time in the spotlight they deserve. In terms of new releases, Inside Out 2 looks like the only major Pixar movie release of 2024 so this should help tide us over until its release.  

Turning Red

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So which of these three movies are worth watching? Well, the answer is all of them, they all have over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, but if you had to pick one to make into a cinema trip I would say that Turning Red is essential viewing, especially if you have daughters of a certain age. 

Of course, you can find most of the classic Pixar movies on Disney+ right now, and my favourite Pixar movie, Monsters Inc. even has a TV show exclusive to Disney+ but there is always going to be a unique appeal to the cinema.

Disney+ is set to change dramatically for US viewers in 2024 as it merges with Hulu.  UK viewers have actually had the best of both services for some time already, and it's led to some great shows like Culprits and A Murder at the End of the World.

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