Get 30% off North Face's magic Homestead Super Dome 4 tent

Enough space for a queen size bed, in a pack you can carry in one hand – and now under $250!

(Image credit: The North Face / Will Saunders)

Looking for the best tent for you? You've come to the right place – the Homestead Super Dome 4 could be just that tent (and especially now there's $105 off at Moosejaw). We say that, not even knowing who you are or what you're looking for, because this is such a great all-rounder it will almost certainly suit most needs. It's a bold statement, so allow us to back that up.

The point of the Homestead collection from The North Face is to combine rugged outdoors experience with luxurious comforts of space and quality. The result is a really good looking tent that will stand out in a good way at a campsite but will also work technically well to keep you comfortable, no matter where you end up in the wild.

The North Face Homestead Super Dome 4 is all about offering lots of room – enough for a queen sized bed – while also packing down for ultimate portability. The result is a one-hand-carry style tent that grows tall enough to near stand up straight in.

North Face Homestead Super Dome 4

Packs down small enough to carry with one hand

(Image credit: North Face)

The North Face Homestead Super Dome 4 is, as the name suggests enough for four people to sleep in at once, or two with comfort and room for bags. Despite the 56 square feet of floor space and dome shape for standing height, this packs down to a 30 x 68 cm sack weighing in at 6 kg. 

The duffel bag that you can carry the tent in means its super easy to pack away and transport. It'll also match the colour of the tent so looks good too.

North Face Homestead Super Dome 4

A super-roomy interior

(Image credit: North Face)

There's a breathable double wall of insulation that's made with polyester and features a 1500Mm PU coating meaning you don't need to worry about rain – or any moisture for that matter – getting inside the tent.

The addition of a large mesh ceiling is a great touch that means you can lie back at night and enjoy star gazing, or relax in the day while staying protected from any bugs.

North Face Homestead Super Dome 4

The North Face's lifetime warranty offers extra peace of mind

(Image credit: North Face)

Large storage pockets and a front vestibule give you plenty of room to store your things and if you want to get any of that dried out you can use the internal drying line that comes included. As you'd expect from The North Face the build quality is great but that's also backed up with a lifetime warranty so you may never need to buy another tent again. 

Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent | $244.97 (was $349.95) at Moosejaw
$105 off!

Homestead Super Dome 4 Tent | <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">$244.97 (was $349.95) at Moosejaw
$105 off!
The North Face's Homestead Super Dome 4 sleeps four and is tall enough to almost stand up in – yet packs down small enough to carry in one hand. It's already sold out in most places, so snap up this deal while you can!

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