Nokia C3 handset lands on Vodafone for just £80

Low-end Nokia packs hoard of social media

Nokia's budget social handset launched

Who would think that launching a handset the very same day the latest Apple iPhone goes on sale was a good idea? Well Nokia evidently as the QWERTY touting, PAYG Nokia C3 becomes available to buy on Vodafonefor just £80.

Admittedly not competing for the same consumers as the iPhone 4, the new Nokia handset, which comes in a selection of colours, grey, hot pink and golden white (we don't know either) is also now available online SIM free for just £119.

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The specs of the 2.4-inch screen touting Nokia C3 readily reflects its low-end price tag. Running the Series 40 operating system opposed to the more advanced Symbian/S60 OS found on many Nokia handsets, the C3 is not compatible with the full selection of widgets.

Not a mere shell of a phone, however, the C3 offers key functionality at basement prices such as built-in email, messaging and Facebook all whilst being very friendly on the battery. Packed around the platter of social networking and messaging services is a 2-megapixl camera.