No, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 won't have an extendable screen or a camera, here's why

Maybe one day, but don't hold your breath…

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We've been spoilt this year with a number of great smartwatches, from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to the Apple Watch Series 7, and even new rumours of the Google Pixel Watch. Yep, we've been kept very busy updating our best smartwatch guide.

Do you know what all of those smartwatches have in common though? None of them have a screen that rolls out to become bigger and none of them have cameras either.

Some websites would have you believe that's going to change with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, reporting on a recent Samsung patent filing that was spotted by LetsGoDigital

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(Image credit: Samsung / LetsGoDigital)

As you can see from the image above, the future smartwatch screens will allow users to pinch-and-zoom in order to extend the display on their wrists.

This would give you an extra 40% of screen space according to the document submitted by Samsung.

The frame between the two halves of the screen can also be used to house a little camera and a flash – so you'll be able to have video calls without getting your smartphone out of your pocket.

Now, as I mentioned, some websites are suggesting this could be seen in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which I think is near impossible.

These patents indicate Samsung is clearly thinking about these features, and perhaps they could, one day, make it to a Galaxy Watch, but the technology definitely won't be ready in time for the Galaxy Watch 5.

Of course, it might never even see the light of day – we've seen so many patents that never make it to consumers wrists and pockets.

Personally, I don't think smartwatches need more techy features like this – I'd prefer manufacturers to work on extending battery life and creating thinner, more attractive designs, but what do you think? Do smartwatches need more features or should they perfect the features they've already got first? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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