No need to wait for Amazon Prime Day: get 40% off the Gillette Heated Razor at Amazon today

The most luxurious and spendy way to shave is now temptingly affordable

Gillette Heated Razor deal
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This Gillette Heated Razor deal could be the perfect excuse you've been waiting for to buy one. After all, the Gillette Heated Razor is quite literally 'the best a man can get' (or a woman can get, to give to a man as a gift). With a built-in, temperature-controlled, heated strip, it gives you the luxury of a hot towel shave, every single morning. But then this set normally costs £124.99, while the replacement blades are £49 a pack, which would pay for a fair number of actual hot towel shaves. But not today, my friends…

Buy Gillette Heated Razor with 12 blades for £79.99 – save £50 at Amazon

And there we were thinking we'd have to wait for Amazon Prime Day for a deal like that.

The first product from Gillette Labs, the Heated Razor is head and shoulders above any other razor and not just because of its adjustable heated bar, which sits underneath the blades on the pivoting and swivelling head. 

It's beautifully designed, feels great in the hand and has a very neat and compact charging station. The battery life is easily enough for a week of shaving. The Heated Razor is also waterproof for easy cleaning and/or use in the shower. 

Gillette Heated Razor deal

Press the button and the GHR heats to 50ºC. Press again and a cooler, 43ºC setting is deployed

Gillette Heated Razor | £74.99 | was £124.99 | Save £50 at Amazon

Gillette Heated Razor | £74.99 | was £124.99 | Save £50 at Amazon
Despite being sold as a slice of everyday luxury, it's hard to get past the fact that the Gillette Heated Razor is usually quite pricey. However it's tempting at £124.99 – just imagine your tired cheeks being caressed by its warmth each morning – and at £74.99 it's… even more tempting.

New blades for the Gillette Heated Razor usually cost about £6 each which, again, is a bit painful. However, subscribe via Gillette and you can get 15% off all future blades – so you pay £19.50 for four. You also have the option of receiving the blades every two, three or four months. Gillette would recommend you replace your blades every few weeks but a lot of men should be able to get away with using one blade per month without too much discomfort. 

Anyway, any financial or facial pain will be soothed away by the intoxicating warmth, elegant styling and impeccable design of the Gillette Heated Razor.

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