Nike Golf 360 app tracks of your scores and analyses your swing

It's US-only for now, but new Nike app could be a vital game-honing tool

Nike has added to its array of active apps with Golf 360. It'll track your scores and trends and also analyse your swing. It's a US-only app at present, but should be crossing the Atlantic soon

A round of golf is supposed to be just you, your clubs and the elements; a perfect way to get away from the constant buzzing of emails and Twitter mentions. But let's face it we love any excuse to get our smartphones in on the act.

Nike's latest sporty app is Golf 360, an app to track your scores over time, as well as the greens you hit in regulation and the amount of putts you make per round.

Stats are updated in real time so you can see how your game is improving each time you step out onto the course. There's also a host of 'trophies' to compete for.

The app is US-only at present and features downloadable scorecards from over 13,000 courses across the natio. From there you can record the scores of up to four playing partners per round.

There's also a neat feature which lets you shoot a video of your swing and upload it for analysis by pros and fellow golfers. On top of that, there's a host of videos on golf-specific fitness exercises so you can tone your muscles as well as your game.

The free app is available to download now in the US, but we might have to wait a while for it to allow us to tear up courses and gleefully tap away at our iPhone and iPod touch in celebration.