News@8pm: Xoom UK sales begin and new COD DLC leaks

Plus: White iPhone 4 update and 3DS health issues

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3DS health issues have caused quite a stir with the global media as users reports bouts of dizziness, eye strain and nausea. Hitting back today Nintendo and 3DS retailers have denied such claims whilst a doctor has said they are wildly over exaggerated.


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Apple's iPhone news has seen a couple of steep down slopes today. Following news that Apple has launched the iAd Gallery app, an app that displays nothing but previous iAds, it emerged that the repeatedly delayed white iPhone 4 has been removed from the Apple website suggesting the device has been scrapped.

Motorola's Xoom tablet is reportedly facing poor sales in the US alongside the Atrix, according to an industry analyst that is. Elsewhere on the Xoom front and the Android 3.0 tablet has unofficially gone on sale in the UK with Simply Electronics offering the device for £490, £10 more than a spec similar iPad 2.

Random tech news sees two giants, Apple and Call of Duty, making headlines. Whilst a June arrival of the iPhone 5 is now in doubt following yesterday's claims that it would be landing early summer, the second Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC has leaked. Entitled Escalation the DLC will bring five new maps to Xbox Live first on May 3rd.