News@8pm: Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab and iPad 2 info leaks

Plus: Sony Walkman finally axed and iPhone 4 tops charts

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Apple's extreme popularity has once again made it top news today as T3 readers have voted the upcoming iPad 2 as the predicted winner of 2011's Gadget of the Year award. Not just that, but children are trading in their old toys for some new hi-tech treats as the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad all reach the top of their Christmas lists. A pricey Christmas stocking it is then...


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Sony's calculated decisions have caused happiness and grief today as many will be cheerful to know that they have slashed the prices of the PSP Go. Others will be saddened, however, as after 30 years of service Sony has officially stopped producing Cassette Walkmans. We were more shocked to know they still exist.

Football and gaming fans be aware, if you can't wait for its release then the new Football Manager 2011 demo is now available to download online. Also previewing its fast paced glory before its release via a new gameplay trailer is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. There goes your evening.

Shocking tablet news from the big cheese and the quick pretender as rumours and leaks suggest a new Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is due to be released before Christmas. By chopping out the 3G connectivity Sammy is hoping to offer a cheaper more competitive model. This is followed by the shocking news that one tenth of iPad users have never downloaded a single app for their product! What is the world coming to?