News@8pm:T3 Hot 100 lands and Xperia Play delays

Plus: Nike+ SportWatch lands and new PlayBook info

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T3's Hot 100 is back for another year with the 100 gadgets we deem the hottest in 2011 spread out in all their glory for your perusal in a single location. Topping the list this year is... well, take a look and find out for yourself. One of the Hot 100 entries is the Nike+ SportWatch Powered by TomTom which officially hit UK soil today priced £179.


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Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay today launched the world's first mobile application to integrate scratch 'n' sniff features in cooperation with his range of Seriously Good sauces. On a completely different front, honest guv, we have colated the best tech April Fools Day pranks to do the rounds of the web in recent years.

Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play has officially launched today, well, sort of. Struck by delays to most of the major networks the PSP Phone has been hit by what Sony Ericsson has called freight issues. Another project stuck in its tracks today was the planned rollout of a 3G mobile network for the London Underground which has been abandoned due to finance and technical difficulties.

New BlackBerry Products have been making headlines in the past 24 hours with news that the BlackBerry PlayBook will support tethering from any mobile device joined by leaked pictures of the reportedly upcoming BlackBerry Touch handset, a device that will, as its name suggests, sport a touchscreen display.