News@8pm: Quad-core phones, Android Ice Cream

Plus: HTC Flyer price revealed, T3 iPad subscriptions

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Just a two days after its announcement at MWC and the HTC Flyer tablet had its launch price revealed by the good people over at, and would you know, it's actually pretty reasonably priced, especially when you compare it to... well, everything, really.

But just when we were getting all psyched up for MWC's slew of dual-core sporting smartphones, those killjoys over at Nvidia and Qualcomm come along and tell us that we'll be seeing quad-core processors in mobiles and tablets before the year is out. Boo and/or hooray, depending on how you look at it.


All the latest headlines, straight from Mobile World Congress Barcelona:'s MWC 2011 microsite.


Lastly an not least-ly from MWC, we got word that Google CEO Eric Schmidt has cunning plans afoot for the future of Android - plans that would see tablet-based Honeycomb and smartphone-centric Gingerbread sliced apart and stitched together to form some new Frankensteinian monster of an operating system. The townsfolk... they call it "Ice Cream".

Vodafone have packaged their technological savvy into a super-cheap and super-portable internet computer, but unless you're browsing T3 from deep in the heart of the third world, you probably won't be getting your hands on one. The Webbox is basically the web-browsing bit of your smartphone built into a portable, TV-compatible keyboard, and is Vodafone's shot at getting the web into the hands of those without the money for "proper" computers.

Finally, T3's iPad app became one of the first to take advantage of Apple's new app subscription service, meaning your monthly copy of all the latest gadget wizardry can now be beamed straight to your lap each month without your having to lift a finger. Single issues of the digital mag still cost £2.99, while the full-trimmings 12 month subscription will set you back £23.99 - a paltry £1.99 per issue. And if you're still undecided, our sample issue is still available for free.

In the meantime, keep yourself informed of all the mobile and tablet goings on at this year's Mobile World Congress at the MWC 2011 microsite.