News@8pm: Playbook plays nice with Android, MPs tweet

Plus: iPad 2 launch day queues and Xperia Play exclusive game

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iPad 2 launch day fever hit the UK today with hundreds turning up to queue outside the flagship Regent Street Apple store. Some had queued for over 40 hours in order to avoid the 2-3 week shipping time for online orders. Our main man Jewels and his fellow elite 12 at the front of the queue all donned T3's Team Apple t-shirts to show their love. Thanks guys. We'll have our Team Jewels t-shirts made up in no time, we promise.


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Xperia Play has nabbed an exclusive title before it even launched. Backstab is said to be an action and adventure game developed by Gameloft that will, so we're told, really show off what the Sony Ericsson handset can do. If Android gaming's your thing but you just can't ditch your Crackberry, then you'll be pleased to hear that RIM confirmed today that Android apps will indeed be able to play on its upcoming Playbook. Wouldn't it be lovely if all apps were universal? Just a thought.

Twitter's iPad app received a timely update today. The updated app will make use of the iPad 2's dual cameras to let users upload photos taken on the device directly to their twitter feed. The update from Twitter came just hours before the UK launch of the iPad 2, so new owners will be able to video-tweet from day one. Following a committee decision that may allow MPs to use iPads and to tweet in the House of Commons, don't be surprised if the twittersphere soon clogs up with candid shots of David Cameron picking his nose.

Motorola's ditching Android, or at least that's the word around the web. Speculation surrounding Motorola's recent hiring habits has led many to the conclusion that Motorola is developing its own mobile OS. If true, the move would be perplexing given their success on the Android platform. In an effort to ramp up development of Android Apps, Google announced today that they will launch in-app billing next week. Apple introduced in-app purchasing back in September and it has proven to be lucrative for many developers.