News@8pm: Phone 7 release date and FIFA's record sales

Plus: Desire HD release date and Facebook movie success

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Fifa 11 has seen phenomenal sales figures after its launch in the UK. More than 821,000 units have been sold over the weekend since its official launch on Friday, October 1st. The most successful football game franchise in history, Fifa 11 has already brought in a huge £28.93 million for gaming company EA, making it the UK's biggest game release of the year and second most successful UK game release in history, only beaten by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


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Windows have confirmed the Windows Phone 7 will be officially released on October 11th. Although the platform itself will have global release next Monday, it is still unknown as to when the WP7 handsets will be hitting the shops. In other phone news, however, new reports suggest the HTC Desire HD handset could be launched as early as this week.

Elsewhere in the world the new Facebook movie has topped US box offices since its release on Friday, October 1st, despite falling short of its expected takings. The film follows Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in his early years of starting the social networking site and has been highly acclaimed by critics. However, Facebook has not been doing so well in other parts this week, with our poll 76.72% of T3 readers saying they wouldn't be interested in a Facebook mobile phone.

The long awaited Duke Namen Forever could finally be coming to gamers in February 2011 US retailer listings suggest. The games official site has been linking to pre-order pages on both Amazon and Gamestop which list the release date as February 1st. It's looking hopeful! In other gaming news, Nintendo have claimed that one in three UK households now own a Nintendo Wii, meaning 8.3 million consoles have been sold since release.