News@8pm: O2's iPhone 4 prices and 3DS launch date

Plus: PS3 update and augmented reality apps

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

iPhone 4 prices once again takes top honours today. The latest competitor to the iPhone 4 price wars joined the fray today as O2 unveiled its iPhone 4 tariffs and handset prices. With two UK networks having now announced their iPhone 4 contracts, it is a surprise that neither network is offer pre-orders on the device. Apple are however taking orders and have recorded record sales of the iPhone 4 in its opening days on pre-order. Finally today on the iPhone, well, until we get to apps, is the news that iTunes 9.2 has become available for download. The latest version of iTunes is a necessity for any iPhone 3GS users looking to update to iOS 4 when it is released for free on Monday.

Gaming news continues to emerge following the big speeches at E3 earlier this week. Possibly the most exciting launch of E3 2010, the Nintendo 3DS is to excite many a gaming fan when it launches. Sadly though, we are being lead to believe that the Nintendo 3DS won't arrive in the UK until early 2011. Coming a bit sooner, however, will be not only a firmware update for the PS3, the newly slimmed down Xbox 360. As well as being smaller and quieter, the new Xbox 360 Slim will not be able to flash the dreaded red ring of death. Not necessarily because Microsoft have amended the cause, more to do with the removal of the red light.

Augmented reality apps made a big appearance today appearing for both upcoming music and sporting events. Both coming into action next week, the help visitors to Wimbledon tennis tournament and Glastonbury music festival. The Wimbledon augmented reality app will direct users to strawberries and cream and centre court whilst the GlastoNav app will guide festival goers to burger vans and dirty toilets. The two are so very similar and yet worlds apart withthe GlastoNav app being a nice addition to our top ten apps for festival goers.

Apple Mac computers have been doing the rounds today. We have been getting hands-on friendly with Macs to bring you a 10 reasons to buy guide on the Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch. Knowing that you will want more, we have also produced a full review of the new and impossibly small Mac mini that we showed you briefly on Tuesday with hands-on pics.