News@8pm: Nokia sales and Amazon Games Downloads

Plus: Windows Phone 7 update and Angry Birds news

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Nokia has admitted that its poor sales figures over the last six months have cost the company a staggering £323 million. The 25 per cent plummet in sales has forced the company well into the red. Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced that its soon to be released WP7 Mango update will not feature in-app purchases, despite it being a popular feature on the Android and iOS platforms.

Hewlett Packard has at last released its Movie Store for the TouchPad; the store allows owners of the tablet to rent films and buy films online, but disappointingly it seems to be just a shadow of what HP claimed it would be. Also turning its attention to digital downloads is Amazon, which is reportedly looking to launch its Games Download Store for PC users in the UK.

EA Sports has claimed that it is "pretty close" to replicating photo-realism in its games, specifically in the FIFA franchise. Elsewhere, Activision unveiled that it plans to relaunch the recently deceased Guitar Hero series, and said that a new title from the franchise was in the works.

Electronics giant Panasonic has officially announced that its new Lumix FZ48 camera, and it looks to be one of the hottest cameras for release this year. Rovio has also been talking of new products, and declared its intentions to stick with the popular Angry Bird series, rather than branching out to develop new projects.