News@8pm: Nokia N8 UK release and new Curve 3G

Plus: Vodafone's new PAYG iPhone 4s and Move's 3D boost

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Apple's full range of products was taking headlines today. Well, three of its products at least. Kicking off the Apple fest was the news that the company's pet project, Apple TV, will get a new processor but lose its harddrive in its next life. On top of this one of the UK's leading mobile network providers Vodafone announced it is to host the Apple iPhone 4 on PAYG. If that wasn't nice enough of the big red providers they are giving away free data with the PAYG handsets, how very lovely. Rounding off Apple's day is a feature of all the rumours surrounding the upcoming iPod Touch revamp.

Motion gaming's battle of the brands is just around the corner and today both new big players, Sony's PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect were toping the news charts. Whilst Microsoft has started to invite gamers into its Microsoft Kinect Beta programme to iron out the peripherals kinks before launch, Sony's Move system is looking all the more ready for market domination with Move's 3D capabilities being touted as “the next level”. Ding-ding round two coming soon.

Google's global domination took another couple of steps forward today as the internet behemoth brought Jambool in its gearing up of a Facebook social networking challenger. This came after the big G teamed up with Verizon in the states to announce plans for the future of the internet. If its plans become reality, net neutrality will be the future.

Mobile handset fans rejoice as surprise, surprise those pocket blowers we love to love have been creeping up on us again. Following last weeks unveiling of the BlackBerry Torch, RIM has been busy to get a second handset in as many weeks of the production line, this time launching the new BlackBerry Curve 3G, also known as the 9300. On top of this rumour has spread about the UK arrival date for the long awaiting saving grace of Nokia, the Nokia N8. That all important date? August 26th. Not enough to fill your mobile quota? Then check out our 101 must have gadgets for a few more handsets and a feast of other tech delights.