News@8pm: Nokia C6 official and Halo: Reach launched

Plus: New Nintendo DSi XL and Samsung NX100 official

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Nokia world began in London today bringing together the new and upcoming products from the Finnish phone manufacturer to our capital. The news started early before the conference hall doors opened with the revelation that there would be no MeeGo Nokia phones at Nokia World. This was shortly followed by an outing for the Nokia C7 seen running the new Symbian 3 OS. All that before we even arrived.


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At Nokia World there were more treats on show from the number one phone manufacturer in the world (in terms of quantity). One of the first newbies on display was the 8-megapixel camera and AMOLED display touting Nokia C6 which launched at the Nokia Event. The smartphone was quickly joined by another in the Nokia E7 business phone which is set to feature a 4-inch screen. A tasty haul from Nokia World we think you'll agree.

Halo: Reach launch day is finally here. Ok, now stop jumping up and down and focus. To celebrate the release of the final Halo title to come from creators Bungie, T3 spoke exclusively to the Gadget Show's Jason Bradbury an avid Halo gamer and member of the Celebrity Elite Spartan Squad. Elsewhere in gaming it was good news for Nintendo fans as the Nintendo DSi XL added a splash of colour with new blue, green and yellow models. No more hiding behind your drab brown or burgundy devices then.

Cameras, cameras, everywhere from Samsung, Canon and Olympus. Ok, it doesn't rhyme but its true. Today saw not only the Olympus E-5 DSLR snapper made official but also the Samsung NX100 officially outed after endless rumours and leaks. Joining these two on the camera front was the Canon G12 compact which was made official after several leaks. Again leaks and rumours become reality.